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Wildix offers seamless Unified Communications on a web-based interface

We are a certified Wildix partner, selling Unified Communications and Unified Collaboration solutions to suit any business voip requirements.

Unified Communications are solutions that connect various communications devices and tools such as telephony (including Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP calls), presence information, audio, web and video conferencing, desktop and file sharing, seamless mobile transferability, instant messenger and chat functionality into one package, making convenient, flexible and mobile communication easy for our business customers.

Ideally, a Unified Communications system should allow users to communicate using fixed line, mobile and computer-based voice and video tools, across a wide range of locations or areas within a single location. 

Users should also be able to transfer from one device to another seamlessly, without losing connection or dropping current calls, and also be able to share information such as files, documents, images and more across the same channel in real time keeping the same phone number across channels.


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What is Wildix?

Wildix is a web-based single interface that gives you the ability to manage internal and external communication across numerous channels and devices, including:

  • VOIP
  • Video Conferencing
  • Web Chat
  • Screen Sharing
  • Fax
  • File Transfer

Wildix has a number of excellent features to deliver seamless communication. And because Wildix is web-based, these features include:

  • No software downloads
  • No Operating System restrictions
  • No constant software or App updates
  • SSH server for a secure connection
  • Accessibility for authorised parties globally, as long as they have specific the URL and password
  • Speech to Text and Call Recording capability for simple transcription and record-keeping
  • Geolocation capability to ensure visibility on who's available no matter where they are

Wildix is the only PBX system that allows web visitors to call you, start a text or video chat, share documents and more directly from your website, using its unique WebRTC interface.  

Multiple devices, seamless communication

Wildix's allows users to communicate by voice, video, chat and more across multiple devices, including:

  • Desk phone
  • Laptop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet

You can even start a conversation on one device, and mid-conversation carry on the conversation on another device – ideal for users who need to be mobile, for example on large premises, or when travelling for international calling.

Wildix can integrate into existing PBX systems, which reduces unnecessary upfront costs and hardware changes.

Wildix also synchs phonebooks and 'presence' settings to ensure users can always schedule calls and share information with full visibilty of calendars, availability and contact details.

The Attendant Console allows users to set up calls with one or more users quickly, intuitively and intelligently no matter where they are based, and integrates fully into assistive equipment for users with vision impairment making conference calling easy.

How can Wildix benefit your business?

Integrating Wildix as a voip solution for your business into your daily communications systems can bring significant benefits to your business, including: 

    • optimising business processes for communication between internal staff and between staff and external suppliers and customers
    • encouraging integrated web-based communication to reduce travel and communication costs
    • multiple device capabilty means your employees can be available anywhere and any time they're required

To find out more about integrating Wildix voip phone system into your business's communication systems, contact one of our friendly staff today.

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