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With over two decades of experience and access to a wide variety of technologies from basic PSTN lines to ISDN, SIP & Telephone systems, we tailor your telecom solutions to you.


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Save time, save money, get the best

Design Communications offers business phone lines and calls at a competitive price, backed by excellent service from planning to installation and ongoing support.

We offer a no-obligation telecoms review to suggest areas where you can save money – in many instances, we can save you up to 50% by moving your existing services onto new technology.

Because we offer everything including handsets, calls, lines, mobiles and data, you only receive one bill, making your administration and accounting simple to manage.

Our expert team of engineers offer a high level of support from basic advice to loss of service, ensuring you get the best all the time.


Converter for your existing system to SIP Trunks

Even if your phone system and handsets aren’t SIP compliant you can still enjoy some significant benefits of VoIP technology by installing a SIP gateway like the Samsung Ubigate, which converts voice traffic from a conventional TDM phone system into a format suitable for routing over an IP Network.



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