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This customer was again referred to us by the owner of a large local serviced offices – their client, Your Telemarketing, were so distressed by a number of issues that they were threatening to leave...


  • The BT Fibre broadband (FTTC) was shared by a number of companies and was so highly contended that it would often disconnect.
  • Your Telemarketing were using VoIP phones, and frequently they would either disconnect in the middle of a “pitch”, or the quality was so poor that both parties would agree to end the call.
  • Your Telemarketing had in excess of 50 clients they were currently or had been recently working with. They needed to be able to make a call out using a specific number for each client, so if the call were missed and then returned, the correct client could immediately be identified.
  • Your Telemarketing were paying a high cost for the services (lines/calls and internet access) that was not good value and not of a suitable quality.


Design Communications carried out a detailed audit of Your Telemarketing's existing system, and more importantly what they needed to achieve within a very challenging budget.

The solution was as follows:

  • Installed an on-premise IP PBX (iQ PBX) that offers high levels of functionality with sector-leading cost-effectiveness.
  • Provided a dedicated Fibre Broadband product that had Quality of Service (QoS) as a vital component of the voice element. This was a converged product that – as well as QoS – provided enough dedicated bandwidth for the voice.
  • All Your Telemarketing clients had their own direct dial allocated – outbound calls were made using the correct direct dial for each client and any incoming calls were immediately identifiable and answered in the name of the correct client
  • Costs – Your Telemarketing were delighted that a brand new solution with all the functionality they had hoped for was done at the same price as they were currently paying i.e. it was cost neutral.


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