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Marketing Messages on Hold system

Professional Telecom Audio for your telephone system

When your callers are waiting on hold they're a captive audience. Tell them more about your business with Information on Hold, including new products or services, website details, special offers, opening times, recent awards etc.


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Why use Professional Telecom Audio?

Get the best return on the investment from your phone system. Handle calls efficiently with the best audio quality using our Professional Telecom Audio creation service – a cost-effective and easy to use Professional Announcements system that enhances your business reputation.


Get started in just 5 simple steps

1. Visit our Telecom Audio Website and enter your voucher number or select Get Started/Demo

2. Choose your backing music from over 350 tracks listed by genre

3. Listen to samples from out 150+ Voice actors with your chosen music and select the perfect voice for your business

4. Enter your script using out easy script wizards and over 1,000 business specific suggestions

5. Place your order or request a quote

If you’ve purchased a new system from us or have an existing system, we can offer complementary and bespoke audio messages that enhance your professional image and give the very best experience to your callers.



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