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Hosted/Cloud Phone Systems

What is a hosted / cloud phone system/ hosted PBX?

A fully hosted and managed High Definition (HD) IP telephony service.

Through advances in broadband connectivity, business telephony and the way we communicate has experienced lots of changes recently, with hosted phone systems now becoming the most efficient, cost-effective option.

Installation is quick, easy and inexpensive for our VoIP phone systems, and although technologies like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are nothing new, there has been a significant improvement in quality, feasibility and ease-of-use in the last few years.

Our systems works on a hosted, cloud-based phone system service operates on BT’s highly resilient and secure next-generation network, and provides the functionality of a high-end telephone system but with no physical on-site switch.

To connect you simply requires a reliable voice quality IP connection. We believe that call quality is of paramount importance, which is why we offer dedicated Voice Over Broadband and Ethernet circuits to provide a reliable internet connection for your business.

For businesses with multiple sites, this solution provides a single point of management and control whilst delivering full functionality to all points and all users across a range of business types and sizes.


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Benefits of hosted phone systems

  • Easy to set up
    • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
    • IP phones are robust and can have flexible functionality including high-definition video & audio, data and file transfer and web conferencing, data tracking, recording and more
  • Safe, secure and reliable
    • With hosted telephony, your supplier is in charge of (and responsible for) your system's security. That means it’s probably safer than it would be in your own hands, on your site. Disaster recovery plans and physical security in your provider's data centre will ensure that your hosted PBX is totally protected.
  • Affordable
    • Fixed monthly fee with lower call rates than standard systems, especially for international calls
  • Ideal for home and flexible working
    • Save money, work smarter. Hosted systems bring added features such as connecting staff across different sites, at home, or even on the move. Andusuallyinternal calls made on your hosted system are free, ensuring multiple communications capability with significantly lower cost.
    • Having the flexibility to answer calls when you are away from the desk will help improve the service your business provides and the way you communicate internally too.
  • Get new additional features immediately
    • Because devices are connected via the Internet, upgrades and improvements can easily be loaded to ensure your system is always operating at the optimal level.
  • One supplier makes your life easier
  • Multi-site deployment – only one system to buy
  • Highly reliable and scalable with support
  • Central control with support whenever you need it


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What are the inclusive features?

  • Unlimited free on-net calls
  • 5000 minutes per month of calls to UK 01/02/03* numbers and all UK main mobile network operators
  • Advanced hunt groups
  • Voice messaging with voicemail to email facility – great for when your customers are on the go
  • Unlimited levels of auto-attendant
  • UC Business mobile application to include IM&P and video calling
  • Go Integrator Lite – answer, hang up, transfer or place a call on hold with the touch of a button, and know who is calling before you answer
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Service assurance
  • End-to-end service

*maximum of 10% call allowance on 03 numbers


What are the enhanced features?

  • Latest functionality – MeetMe for audio conferencing to improve team communications and productivity
  • Conferencing and screen collaboration
  • Flexible number portability – retain your office numbers
  • Automatic call distributor (ACD) for call centres
  • Call recording with 6 months’ storage
  • Full integration with CRM – Go Integrator DB
  • In-depth call analytics
  • Skype for Business plugin available



  • Secure – built-in business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing
  • Reliable – guaranteed 99.9% uptime backed by our supplier’s SLA
  • Scalable – easy to add and remove users
  • No hardware – complete PBX functionality without the hardware
  • Enhanced mobility through seamless remote operation
  • Generous inclusive bundles
  • Simple, clear pricing
  • Wide range of features
  • Reliable carrier grade BT Broadsoft platform
  • We work with best-in-class partners
  • Reliable Customer service



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