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Business Ethernet Network Services and EFM

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We provide Ethernet network services, GEA FTTC and EFM from the UK’s major network operators. Our Ethernet services offer high connectivity speeds via a Next Generation Network (Multi-Service Platform) between two or more locations in a point-to-point or point-to-multi-point situation.


Ethernet, GEA FTTC & EFM

What is Ethernet? 

Ethernet is one of the most popular network cables for wired networks. Ethernet connects devices such as PCs together in a LAN (Local Area Network). This means that data can be shared and devices are all linked. 


What is EFM?

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is simply a connection from the premises to the exchange; the connection is made up of multiple ‘bonded’ copper pairs.

Unlike a traditional leased line which uses Fibre, EFM uses bundles of copper pairs meaning lower costs, high resilience and a faster installation time.


Who would use Ethernet or EFM?

Ethernet and EFM services are ideal for those who require consistently high connectivity speeds, regularly transfer sensitive data from site to site or have a high demand for uploads and downloads.

Ethernet is now the connectivity service of choice for corporate businesses and public sector organisations that need high performance, flexibility and value for money. If you are looking to future-proof your business then these services are for you.


The Benefits of Ethernet and EFM

• High Speed Connectivity

• Symmetrical Speeds

• Highly Resilient

• Efficient & cost-effective – Ethernet enables you to specify how much bandwidth you currently require between sites, but also to upgrade without service interruption to meet any future increase in your requirements.

• Reliability – your business cannot afford downtime. Ethernet services offer 99.8% availability Service Level Agreements.


Why use Design Communication's Ethernet and EFM?

• Supports multiple traffic types including voice, data and video.

• Quality of Service Support ensures prioritisation can be applied so that all traffic can traverse the network in the event of network congestions.

• High performance – offering you access to data traffic rates of up to 1000Mbs.

• Security – totally secure private line connections when used in our VPN or point-to-point circuit directly between two of your locations.

Our Ethernet provides a fast, reliable and secure private network enabling you to easily link your sites, allowing your staff to share voice, video, email and other business applications between offices.


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GEA FTTC over Broadband FTTC?

Generic Ethernet Access Fibre to the data exchange is similar to the broadband option of FTTC but through the Ethernet instead. This helps with better speeds and has lower maintenance and installation costs.


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