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Cloud Computing Services & Solutions from Design Communications

Cloud Computing – all the flexibility, reliability and computing power, with none of the maintenance costs and responsibilities.

Design Communications East Anglia offers cloud based computing services that offer secure, powerful server storage, database, networking, CAPEX and software hosting and support and more on a flexible, cost-effective basis.


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Features of Cloud Computing

The power of cloud services allows you to host and manage your business’s IT requirements off-site, meaning you can confidently:

  • Create new apps and services
  • Store, back-up and recover data securely in our chosen data centres
  • Host websites
  • Host programmes and software
  • Host, stream and store video and audio
  • Analyse data

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Benefits of Cloud Computing


Save on the capital expenditure required to buy and maintain expensive hardware and software.


Cloud Business Computing services are self-service, flexible and expandable to ensure you can scale up or down quickly.

Global efficiency

Through Content Delivery Network (CDN) configuration, Cloud Computing allows you to deliver your service with hyper-efficiency depending on where geographically its needed.


By eliminating day-to-day hardware and software maintenance, your IT department can focus on tasks more productively.


Cloud Computing hardware and software is regularly updated and upgraded, meaning you’re always getting the latest and most efficient IT delivery.


Cloud computing makes data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity easier and less expensive because data can be mirrored at multiple redundant sites on the cloud provider’s network.


24/7 x 365 comprehensive support services means peace of mind.

Opex model

You only pay for what is used.

Getting started

We conduct a full audit and requirements assessment to ensure we provide a solution that is perfect for your needs.

·         Which applications can and should be moved to the Cloud?

·         What capacity is required?

We then commission the virtual servers, provide fully managed application installation and migrate data.


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