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Business Overview

Ormiston Families are the East of England’s leading family charity, supporting children, young people and families to manage the challenges they face and improve their life chances.

They provide wide-ranging support for children and young people, from mental health services and help to bridge the gap between home and school, to support for imprisonment and much more.



Ormiston Families already had a Samsung solution installed at Felixstowe Road by Design Communications in 2008 that accommodated up to 100 plus users.

When they acquired a new building at The Drift, they required departments and individuals from Felixstowe Road to move to the new offices, however, these teams and individuals would be moving on different dates and times.

During the move, Ormiston Families still required a Telecom solution for remaining and new users, and a quick and easy process for moving certain phones numbers and extensions from one site to the other at short notice.



  •  A cost-effective telecoms and broadband solution for their new site at The Drift.

  • The ability to seamlessly move departments and individuals from one site to the other.

  • Phone number and personnel moves to be managed by Design Communications.

  • Keeping their initial investment in the solution that was already in place at Felixstowe Road.

  • Quick and reliable support for Ormiston Families staff to contact directly for their moves between sites.


The Solution

After reviewing the current system at Felixstowe Road, we did minor upgrades to the system to allow this to move from traditional ISDN-based lines to SIP (Internet)-based lines, allowing us to move phone numbers between sites within seconds and reduce the sites' monthly spend in the process.

At the new offices (The Drift), after surveying their site and working with Ormiston, we identified the best value for money internet connectivity for their needs and installed Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) broadband for their connectivity with 220Mbps download. 

For the Telecoms solution, we installed a Samsung IP-based system and handsets. This allowed us to remotely manage end user moves between sites, where the end users or team leaders could call or email us at the time of them moving and we could instantly make the changes for them.



In addition to meeting the technical and operational requirements for Ormiston Families, Design Communications delivered a solution for both sites which kept their initial investment in the telecoms equipment supplied and maintained from 2008, and offered the best value for money solution for their connectivity, telecoms and their unique requirements.

We successfully managed the transition for Ormiston, so it was one less thing to worry about when setting up new working offices.


In Summary

By understanding the customer's requirement and the many different technologies and their capabilities, Design Communications have delivered a value for money, user-friendly and managed solution which made setting up a new office and personnel moves an easy and seamless experience.


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