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Business WiFi

Our solution

We use the Samsung WLAN solution – an industry standard IEEE802.11 – whilst incorporating technology adopted from the recent Samsung investment in LTE, to address the special needs of voice and video without impacting data throughput.

Seamless automatic handover when moving between Access Points (APs) removes the burden on devices and risk of disruption, while the application of Crystal HD Voice ensures the best possible speech quality and wireless service regardless of the type or number of devices in use.

Our access points deliver on design as well as performance. Using multi-antenna technology, the typical range is increased by 14% whilst speed quality and data errors are improved by 30%.

In addition, the superior power of the access points also positively affects the devices connected to them, minimising their own power consumption for longer battery life, and increases the number of concurrent users per AP by up to 50% compared with competitive products.


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Outdoor Wi-Fi access points

Designed specifically for outdoor use, the WEA453e is both waterproof and dustproof and meets the IP67 standard. To ensure a secure Wi-Fi network the WEA453e is equipped with a separate dedicated RF chip which is able to detect outside intrusion in less than 10 seconds and can block threats within 30 seconds, without impacting on other communications.

With the flexibility to be deployed over a wide area network or to be a self-contained stand-alone unit, plus many variations in-between, the versatility of the Samsung solution means it's ideal for all environments.




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