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Business Cabling Solutions

The increase in networking in the business sector, especially a data network that uses both voice and data on the same strucutred cabling infrastructure, has highlighted the importance of robust cabling systems that can cope with the extra demands.

Design Communications are experts in wired data cabling solutions, with a key focus on quality. Our understanding of cabling means:

  • Not only does this need to be installed correctly, but this also needs to be reliable and long-lasting. This is why we use industry-grade reliable cable with a 25-year warranty to match.
  • Our engineers are qualified to the manufacturer's requirements to ensure a high standard of work for data cabling installations.
  • All of our work is tailored to the needs of the customer with experience in both commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Our team of engineers are only a phone call away with all calls being picked up within 24 hours of receipt (excluding weekends/public holidays).
  • We try to minimise downtime, so meeting with customers first to discuss their needs is essential.
  • Our unique skill set and capability means we're able to offer competitive pricing, excellent installation service and a wide variety of options to suit your needs.



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