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The future is VoIP

posted on: Tue, 18 12 2018 by Design Communications | Voice news

It's been a long while coming, but the transition from 20th century digital /ISDN / telephone exchange based telephony to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP / SIP) communications for businesses is now the mainstream solution.

Global technology and business advances, with many companies having multiple offices in different countries and time zones have spurred a requirement for more flexible communications.

The ability to connect with people quickly, easily, cost-effectively and flexibly has accelerated VoIP’s popularity – coupled with its improvements in device and network connectivity to push the market into a new era.

VoIP / SIP-based systems offer significant advantages over traditional digital/ISDN systems, as follows:

1. Reduced costs

Lower reliance on traditional, exchange-based copper lines means that calls are around 40% - 100% cheaper than traditional services – with international calls up to 90% cheaper. In many instances, if the call is to an internal number (no matter where that person is) or any calls within the U.K then the calls can be completely free.

2. Easy and cost-effective installation

VoIP systems don't rely on outdated and invasive copper cabling, they are far easier, quicker (within minutes!) and cheaper to install…and offer cheaper monthly rentals.

3. Flexibility

Your phones connect via the Internet, as long as there is some form of connection, your ‘phones are always up and running and can be accessed from any number of locations whether office-based or out and about. For businesses with lots of field-based or home-office staff, this presents an ideal solution.

VoIP systems integrate mobile phones /numbers also, so a complete communications system can easily be set up.

4. The technology offers great features

Traditional setups there are costs and charges for additional services like caller ID, voicemail, Auto-attendant / call routing and blocking etc. but VoIP systems offer all these features, and more, within the package cost.

The systems are also more technologically advanced, so encryption and call security, high-definition audio quality and other features are available too. Likewise, call recording is no longer the preserve of large companies and is a low cost / no cost option on many IP / Cloud-based solutions.

5. Greater stability /reliability

Traditional ‘phone lines can be subject to all kinds of interruptive issues such as cable theft, weather,  copper deterioration and more. With VoIP systems all of these issues are largely bypassed, giving far more stability and consistency of service.

6. Phone number flexibility

Wherever you need a “local” presence you can have a local number…and conversely, if you need a national presence then 03*** numbers will give you this – without your customers having to pay more.

7. In-bound call solutions

If you need a number to ring multiple offices, people or mobiles – that you control…VoIP will give you that function.

8. Disaster Recovery (DR) Solutions

If the worst does happen, VoIP solutions offer huge functionality like Auto failover on failure, diverse routing, dual provisioning and a host of other low costs/ no cost options to keep the phones ringing however big the disaster is.


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The future is VoIP
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