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Simple Solutions to Working From Home Challenges

posted on: Wed, 20 05 2020 by Design Communications | General news

The Covid-19 crisis has caused major disruptions to businesses, with the majority having to implement a range of distancing measures including a blanket Work From Home (WFH) policy.

For business managers, this has meant a dramatic shift in approach to elements such as client and staff meetings, one-one-one communication, file and information sharing and dealing with incoming queries from customers.

In trying to solve this challenge, decision-makers have been tasked with finding, trialling and rolling out various digital solutions for conference calling, secure chat and file sharing, collaborative working and customer support.

And realistically, this has presented them with more headaches than solutions - multiple programs offering limited solutions to the above challenges, and often coming with staggered subscription rates, configuration issues, and non-intuitive interfaces that don’t integrate well with other software.


The Wildix Solution

Design Communications offers users a simple, effective one-stop solution to all these challenges. 

Wildix is a web-based, single interface giving users the ability to manage both internal and external communication across numerous channels and devices.

From video conferencing and one-to-one chat, to file sharing and a simple web interface for customers to reach the right person quickly, Wildix is an uncomplicated solution that works across mobiles, laptops, existing PABX systems and tablets.

It synchronises with phonebooks, calendars and email programs to ensure visibility on availability of staff, has an intuitive Attendant Console that allows users to set up calls with one or more people quickly, on multiple devices, and integrates fully with assistive equipment for users with vision impairment.

Another significant benefit Wildix offers is that it is web-based, meaning no complicated software downloads, hassles with integrating into various operating systems, and issues with constant update requests.

It is also completely secure, giving you peace of mind that your conversations and interactions are protected.

Wildix delivers a seamless, simple solution for businesses to conduct their daily activities remotely, whether for internal purposes or external communications - locally, or globally - with a simple interface.

To find out more about how Wildix can solve your challenges, contact one of our friendly staff today on 0800 583 4583 or


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Simple Solutions to Working From Home Challenges
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