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Samsung Business Reporting

posted on: Sat, 20 01 2018 by Design Communications | General news

Samsung Business Reporting has been designed to offer organisations of any size the ability to maximise the use of staff, telephony and IT resources.

Using historical call statistics, extension, groups of extensions, DDI and trunk activity can be analysed to assess call traffic and user’s efficiency, so that you can:

  • Verify call costs, including multiple carriers
  • Calculate call handling capacity and traffic flows
  • Manage staffing levels to meet fluctuations in demand
  • Create concise billing information for cost centres, extensions, clients and campaigns
  • Create automated or on-demand reports in standardised Excel, Word, HTML and email formats
  • Build what if scenarios - imagine being able see how many more calls you could handle if you had more staff or lines at a given time of day or day of the week.

Samsung Business Reporting also allows for custom widgets to be created, so you can build your own management screens to show the data that's important to your business.


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Samsung Business Reporting
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